Innovative Products, Backed By Science

In an age of Instagram posts and Facebook updates, the desire to look your absolute best in every photo has driven a huge demand for beauty products. Since looking good is an ongoing effort, you need a constant supply of beauty products to protect, beautify, and rejuvenate your skin while on the go.

Results In As Little As Two Weeks

At Jeunesse®, we proudly present innovative products that are backed by science. With this priniciple in mind, we put our beloved Luminesce skin care line to the test: a clinical, self assessment study conducted by AMA Laboratories, Inc., with participants of all skin types and tones, through an eight-week period. 

Here’s why 100% of interviewed participants would recommend Luminesce to a friend after using the products for four weeks.*

Experience visibly improved appearance with Luminesce

Agree skin appears significantly more radiant in 2 weeks.*

Agree skin appears healthier and younger in 4 weeks.*

Agree overall appearance has significantly improved in 4 weeks.*

Agree skin appears significantly softer and smoother in 2 weeks*


Beauty With Benefits

  • Jeunesse Exclusive APT-200™
  • Fast & Easy to Use
  • For All Skin Tones
  • High-Definition
  • Moisturizing & Hydrating
  • Oil-free Mist

Key Ingredient: APT-200

This advanced, Jeunesse exclusive polypeptide technology developed by a board certified dermatologist rejuvenates skin to new and gorgeous radiance.


Holding NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation bottle 8 inches from face, close eyes and evenly mist center of face in a small zigzag motion. Wait 10 seconds before blending foundation with an NV Puff.

Tip From Nv Co-creator And Brand Ambassador Yolanda Halston

Use NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation as a concealer by misting it into your palm or onto the back of your hand, then dotting it onto desired areas with your fingertip.